Please note that the surface temperature of a black kayak will get far hotter than a white kayak.

The best colors for heat and UV protection are white and the light colors. Strong colors will be affected by the UV more and it will become far harder to color match when doing repairs.

Red deck lines are not a good idea as these will fade quite quickly.

When the kayaks are not in use they need to be stored without hatch covers on and upside down.


Yellow kayaks and similar colors will usually be heavier as it takes a thicker layer of gel coat to cover properly. This makes a difference of 1 to 1.5 kilo just due to the thickness of the gelcoat. This is especially true when laminating Carbon Kevlar kayaks as the gelcoat needs to be thick enough to cover the black Carbon in the weave of the Carbon / Kevlar cloth.

All standard kayaks have hand laid gelcoat. This is thicker in order to protect the glass cloth. Once the cloth is exposed through scratching or chipping through the gelcoat, the kayak will start to absorb water.

All Carbon Kevlar kayaks HAVE to be sprayed. This is so the cloth lies better on the gelcoat as the C/K cloth does not bend as well as glass. This also makes a lighter kayak.


All our standard kayaks have white hulls. This makes repair of the hulls easy.


The best colors for NOT showing scratches are White, yellow and again the light colors